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  • Startēšanas palīgierīce HD P21 12V/24 2x25Ah 3100/6200A(P), Lemania

    ID: ink75970103
    Kods: P21-TR-1224V&LEM
    • Technical specification: Voltage: 12/24V Battery capacity: 2x25Ah Power: 3100/6200(Peak) A Start booster battery type : AGM Industrial Pure Brass Clamps Set includes Fully Automatic Charger LESA8 - 4A + car charger LESA1 Unique features: Wheels & telescopic handle Digital voltmeter Safety features: 12/24 switch Reverse polarity alarm Clamp with built-in safety Fuse Description: Lemania P21 is a professionals start booster/jump starter. Device comes in strong casing and is supplied with heavy dudty start cables & powerful batteries Lemania P21 is perfect jump starter for12V Motorbikes, cars, vans, tractors and small boats & also 24V trucks, busses, excavators etc. Made by: Lemania Energy Switzerland