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  • Portable starter-tester StartZilla 9024 XT 12-24V, Telwin

    ID: ink69304510
    Kods: 829525&TELW
    • Multi-functional, portable, battery-powered starter. Ideal for anyone needing an emergency starter. Its applications include use on motorcycles, engine-operated vehicles, boats and more besides. Fully compatible with any 12-volt any 24-volt starter system (12V/24V model only). Test the battery status and the self-priming status (CCA) of the vehicle battery; also test the load efficiency of the vehicle alternator. The starter uses LITHIUM BATTERIES; this makes the device extremely compact and easy to handle. The multifunctional starter is also equipped with a powerful, white led light. SPECIFICATIONS: Type of battery: LiFePO4 lithium battery Starting voltage: 12 / 24V Max starting current: 9000A Capacity: 31200 mAh Mains voltage: 100 - 240 V IP43 Weight: 4,33 kg Dimensions: 155 x 234 x318mm